Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett on Fantastico. [x]

Edie Superstar


And the saddest fear comes creeping in: that she never loved me, or her, or anyone, or anything. taylorswift


I’m honestly so greatful for Tony Bennett for cheering Gaga up and helping her through all the shit she’s gone through the past year or so tbh like I may not love Cheek To Cheek but I don’t even wanna think about where Gaga would be right now without him

Couldn’t have said it better myself


You got so much, so fast. What do you want now?


I think that’s the thing that poisoned me from 2013 to 2014, or 2012," she said. "[Hearing] ‘We just want you to look beautiful’ over and over and over again in my head until I just wanted to look ugly all the time, because I’m rebellious… . It really crushed me. Like, I’ve won Grammys now. I’ve written albums. I’ve toured the world four times. You’re telling me to look beautiful? It’s all back to tits and ass? That’s so sad.
Lady Gaga, on her conventionally “un-pretty” looks this era. (x)

Gaga confirming she’s planning on bring back the Born This Way Ball

It’s honestly so sad/pathetic that Gaga had to go and make an album strictly based in vocals for people to appreciate her talent ……

Like….. What about the last 6 years ??????

You got so much, so fast. What do you want now?

Sam, You the real MVP

Thank u ??? Why lmao